Colour Profile

Have you ever noticed that when you wear a particular colour people comment on how good you look?  Wearing the right colours for your complexion, hair colour and eye colour really can make the difference between appearing tired and washed out or youthful and vibrant.

I use the Definitive Colour System™ with my clients because it offers a wide range of colour directions that allow me to provide clients with the best possible selection of colours matched perfectly to them.

How will you know what colours to wear?

You will fall into one of two general colour categories; cool or warm, determined by the undertones in your skin and also by your natural hair colour and your eye colour.

A professional colour analyst will then look for cues such as colour value (deep – light) and colour intensity (bright – dusky) to determine your personal colour direction (ie the best colours for you).

Your colour direction or colour profile will influence not only what colours you should choose for your wardrobe, but also which colours for hair, make-up and even the type of jewellery you wear.

Why does it matter?

Colour can affect your mood and your confidence and knowing which colours are your friends and which are your enemies can make all the difference. The initial investment in a professional colour analysis will pay off for many years to come as you become more confident in your wardrobe choices and spend much less time and money on ‘wardrobe mistakes’.

To see each colour direction “in action” check out my “Colour Profile” Pinterest boards showing examples of clothing, hair, makeup and accessories… these are regularly updated, so check back from time to time to see what’s new.

For more information on best colours to wear, colours to avoid and whether to combine high, low or medium contrast colours in your outfit, just click on any of the colour profiles below.

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