Emma’s expertise in identifying my correct seasonal colouring has changed my perception of my own image over the course of the last year.

It took me a few weeks to adjust visually as to how I was metamorphosing before my very own eyes while standing in front of the mirror, however once I was able to make this adjustment and see clearly how my new colours really made me come alive, and appear both radiant and glowing, it really changed my mind set, and made me a believer based on colour theory and fact. And the compliments really started to flow at this point!

Emma provided an honest and accurate opinion based on colour theory and fact. She has always answered each of my questions clearly and precisely, and she has shown great patience and understanding towards me even when I could not wrap my mind around an entirely new way of wearing colour appropriately.

When I started wearing the correct colours based on my own individual colouring, I was able to see how wrong I was prior to my consultation with her.

Now I always carry my colour swatches with me whenever I go shopping; because it saves me a tremendous amount of time and energy when purchasing apparel, accessories, and cosmetics. Gone are the days of returning things due to purchasing wrong colour… I can now match my outfits in perfect harmony each and every day with ease!

I could not be more satisfied and happy with my results! It was a miniscule investment very well spent in regards to the exemplary service that I received.

Mari Robinson (USA)

I did a wardrobe and personal shopping with Emma recently. I find Emma highly professional and engaged. She is very determined to make her clients happy. Not only did she save me money and time but also, I learned heaps of tips and tricks on how to update my wardrobe and what to look for in future. She drew out my goal and stayed connected. Having come across three stylists previously, Emma stands out without a doubt! I highly recommend her for a shopping extravaganza and a wardrobe check. Emma, you made me feel and look like a million dollars. Thank you!


"I really enjoyed my Style & Shoot session on Thursday. So much fun, loved the fuss made over me to look good and take a good photo!"

Angelique Milojevic
Business MasterMinds

After the experience I felt invigorated and "pumped". It was great to feel like my own person again after having both my children and to feel great in clothes again after putting in a huge effort to get back into shape after having kids. It was also great to be given some new directions to try and have new types of clothes, shapes and fits suggested that I didn't think would suit me...and to find out they work!! I feel as though I have rediscovered myself and now want to show it off and take pride in my appearance and keeping up the hard work to stay in shape. Also I'm getting compliments from others and feeling sexy as a wife not just a mother.

Emma La Garde

Great day Ray and Emma [at your recent Style & Shoot event]. Ray you seem to get the best out of a gal just at the right moment. Emma; choosing only to bring along two coats, 3 scarves and a bit of jewellery for you to work with, your make-up and style creations – absolutely fabulous! Loved the experience.

Lee Cass
Lenore K.

I just wanted to say thank you for a truly memorable experience today at 'Style & Shoot'... providing my personal styling and corporate, yet ultra fun photo session. For someone who does not normally feel comfortable in front of a camera, you both made me feel completely calm and at ease and I think I almost fooled myself, it was my daily job. You make a fabulous team… professional, efficient, interactive and fun. It was an absolute pleasure being in your company.

Adrienne Sycamore

Emma's advice has enabled to me to get much better use of my current wardrobe and be a far smarter shopper in looking for additions. What I valued most is that Emma worked with what I felt comfortable with but also pushed me to consider looks I would not normally have chosen. The result is that I feel younger, fashionable and gorgeous! Thanks Emma.

Sandra Caves

Just when I thought I had nothing to wear, Emma came in and showed me how I could use my current wardrobe to create many new outfits. She also helped me throw out 1/2 of the clothes that I was not wearing. I have used Emma's services a few times and in fact she has has styled me for major media events as well as my day-to-day work wardrobe. Thanks Emma everyone has commented on the transformation.

Jane Slack-Smith
Investors Choice Mortgages

Emma has done some freelance work for my fashion labels Simply Silk and Bambootoo. [Her] knowledge and background of the fashion industry complements her extensive experience in the marketing world. I would have been absolutely lost without her insight, patience, intelligence and creative zeal.

Ann Poppelwell
Simply Silk and Bambootoo