Helping business owners and professionals reignite their style mojo and become memorable for the right reasons


Regardless of your age, size, budget or background you deserve to get the results you seek by bringing your best self to any situation… and I’m committed to showing you how.

Your personal brand is one of the most important assets you own; look after it and you will feel more confident, more purposeful and more attractive. In fact whatever you want more of in your life, you are more likely to attract it when your personal image is aligned with your personal and/or professional outcomes.

Whether you’re after a promotion, a partner, more sales, better job opportunities, more confidence, or just that undefinable ‘edge’, I can help.

Services Offered

  • Personal Brand Audit – what’s enhancing and what’s diluting your personal brand?
  • Your Signature Style – understand what works for you and how you can put together a confidence-boosting look for any occasion
  • Colour Consultation – get a complete understanding of the colours that are best for you and learn how to combine different colours for impact
  • Wardrobe Edit – eliminate the things that are holding you back, avoid future fashion mistakes and lower your ‘cost per wear’
  • Style Safari – an opportunity for you to escape the everyday and focus on yourself for a change 
  • Corporate Training – “Reputation Rules”, “Personal Brand 101”, and “Memorable for the Right Reasons” professional image workshops for sales and other client-facing teams
  • Public Workshops – “Dress to Impress”, “Own your Signature Style”, “Body Shape Magic, “The 10 Minute Face”, “From Crappy to Happy – 7 strategies to make shopping a more rewarding experience”
  • Gift Vouchers available – contact us now to arrange a delightful gift for that someone special