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Bring back that mojo... you know, that feeling you could conquer any challenge. The confidence to step up and embrace the future. To tap into your purpose and bring your best self to any situation.

a woman with red hair and sunglasses on
a woman with red hair and sunglasses on

Core Services

Get professional advice on where you're at. Are you communicating with intention? Find out what about your image is supporting your objectives, and what could be holding you back.


Personal Brand Audit
Professional Colour Analysis

Get a complete understanding of the colours that are best for you and learn how to combine different colours for impact and influence.


Eliminate the things that are holding you back; find out how to avoid future image mistakes; and lower your ‘cost per wear’.


Wardrobe Edit and Personal Shopping

Customer Reviews

Working with Emma has been a game changer. I feel more confident and put-together than ever before.

Emma has an incredible eye for style. She helped me transform my wardrobe and find my personal style.

I can't recommend Emma enough. Her expertise and guidance have been invaluable to me.

Emma is a true professional. She listens to her clients and delivers results that exceed expectations.

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